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WVS-7 DATA RELEASE ON JULY 20, 2020. And the 7th round of the WVS survey goes on: complete the survey in your country by June 30, 2021.

Dear WVSA members, friends and colleagues,

We are happy to announce that the first public release of the WVS-7 survey data-set will take place on July 20, 2020. On this day, access to the new data from the 7th wave of the World Values Survey (2017-2021) will be made open. Access to the data, similiar to the previous rounds, will be free, with no registration or payments required. With its main mission to facilitate advancement of Social Sciences worldwide, the WVS Association wants to make sure our survey data can equally serve the needs of the academic community in all parts of the world.

WVSA offers our data-sets in SPSS, Stata, SAS and R formats; national country data-sets are also available in Excel. Please, note that we do not send the data-sets by email - you can download all files freely in the "Data and Downloads" section after July 20. 

Which countries are included so far? As a result of a joint survey effort, the WVS and/or the EVS surveys have been completed in 78 countries/ territories listed below.

Year 2021 is the last year of the 7th wave of the World Values Survey which commenced in 2017. Since mid-2017 the 7th wave of the World Values Survey (together with the European Values Study) took place in over 80 countries/territories. Now that we are quickly approaching the end of the wave, we look forward to use the remaining time to expand the coverage of this round and to engage more countries. In response to the quarantine and lock-down meausures introduced in many world countries to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the end of the fieldwork phase in WVS-7 has been postponed to July 2021.We invite you to review the map and the countries list below. Should you or your colleagues have any possibility to facilitate the survey implementation in one of the "yellow-colored" countries, please, notify us about it. 

New survey proposals for the following countries are particularly welcome:

Central America: Belize; El Salvador; Cuba; Haiti; Dominican Republic; Jamaica; Honduras; Costa Rica; Panama.
Latin America: Paraguay; Suriname; Guyana.
Asia: Brunei; Papua New Guinea; Cambodia; Laos; Bhutan; Nepal; Sri Lanka; Afghanistan; Uzbekistan.
Middle East & North Africa: Israel; Saudi Arabia; Oman; Kuwait; Qatar; Bahrain; Libya.
Africa: Lesotho; Eswatini; Mozambique; Madagascar; Tanzania; Malawi; Zambia; Botswana; Namibia; Angola; DR Congo; Somalia; Eritrea; Sudan; South Sudan; Chad; Central African Republic; Congo; Gabon; Cameroon; Niger; Mali; Mauritania; Burkina Faso; Ghana. 
Europe: Ireland; Belgium; Latvia; Moldova.

Benefits that we offer to all our members include: formal affiliation and official membership in the WVS Association; no membership fee; participation in all WVS events; early access to the new data for your publications; possibility to add extra items into the questionnaire; possibility to be elected into the WVSA governing bodies.

Please, contact: with any further inquiries. 

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